Mental well-being & mindfulness made simple, scalable and effective.

Assure the performance, cohesion, and mental well-being of your team.

DeRose Mindfulness

Was created to solve the a big challenge.

How to thrive in a growing complexity and uncertain global environment.

Work-From-Home Challenges​

How to maintain the cohesion, productivity and engagement of your team.​

How to develop the adaptability, focus and mental well-being.

How to assess and follow-up your team's needs to increase talent retention.

This is what our solutions will enable you to do right now 

Maintain the sense of belonging and social bonds within your team even 

Ensure the mental well-being of team members in the new workspace environment.

Develop the skills to thrive in these unprecedented times.

Our Solutions

The Mindfulness Design Tracks

A collection of five active learning workshop programmes that help develop self-awareness. 

Stress Tolerance​
Develop mental states for well-being and elevated performance. Live a more present life, enhance tolerance for stress and develop calmness amid chaos.
Emotional intelligence​
Develop adaptability and resilience amid uncertainty. Enhance conflict management and behavioural reprogramming skills.
Intentional team-working​
Discover your values, superpowers. Create an action plan and set more intentional goals. Express your purpose in synergy with your team and the company.
Focus and sustainable performance
Increase your focus and clarity. Achieve sustainable performance and inspired execution.
Intuitive and creative mind
Reshape the mental models that hold you back, increase flexible adaptation and gain an innovative approach to your work.

Practical classes

Develop the poise to thrive amid uncertainty and complexity

Breathwork 15’

Meditation & focus 25'

Meditation & movement 55'

Our inter or intra-company online platform​

Choose which training track they want to follow, when to participate, and from where

Interact, share, and learn with their inter and intra-company peers

Join live and interactive workshops and classes. And enjoy an individual personalized approach

Fit our classes and workshops into their daily schedule

Case study

As a cyber security company, Protega is facing an increasingly complex and uncertain work environment. Their need was to enhance tolerance for stress, focus and leadership within team members .
The Digital Nomad Hotel Of The Future. They were experiencing high burnout rates

Some of our clients

Our professionals DNA

Our teachers are among the most experienced professionals in the world, extensively trained and recertified annually to ensure excellence in the application of the method.


In addition, our teachers have a multicultural and diversified profile, which allows us to teach classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in several languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German

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